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AO Rated believes in supporting game developers of AO Rated or unrated games. If you are a developer or maintainer of any game that is strictly for mature audiences we would like to help you out in one or more ways. Given that the “scene” is so limited in scope and what we can do we have nothing but good intentions in forming a relationship with developers and publishers of games. We love these games and the effort you guys put in to make them and want to help. Whether you’d like to promote your game, get more development help, host your files/site or simply find ways to keep it free for your fans we are more than willing to assist with our resources and knowledge. Mod developers are also most welcome. End of the day the decision is completely up to you as the owner / developer of the programs, we force nothing and just want to help in anyway we can.

Get in touch with us to have a quick chat:

Please understand that the site is new but we do intend to bring the community in one place because folks who play one game would also love to try out your game.

Everyone’s a critic but creators are few –


Here is what we can do right away to help you out:

  • Provide Site/Blog hosting. Initial setup.
  • Provide you forums to use right here and manage it while tapping on to new users of all games and interests
  • Take care of your file hosting/bandwidth issues right away. We own multiple dedicated servers.
  • Road map to commercialize your project and keep your work going. You can concentrate on development.


Note that even if we host stuff for you or provide any assistance, it all belongs to you. At no time do we assume ownership of any game or content. Exception is forums which is public domain.

What in it for AORated?

Get in touch and we will lay it out for you in plain and simple words. No lofty goals here. We just want to keep AO rated games alive and further development.

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