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This platform is new so going just by platform we have a couple of games that are rated adult only or 18+ that belong to WII-U. This is not a definitive list and some may disagree on whether the adults only aspect applies. However based on what you should allow your kids to play still holds true here to a great extent. Most Wii-u games fall in the category of adults only by violence level and detail.

So here goes.

Ninja Gaiden 3

Except for the trailer I do not see any reason for this being Pegi 18+ but then again we know that ratings aren’t accurate.


Assassins Creed III

Call of Duty: Black ops 2

Mass Effect 3

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As you can see none of these games are new. More will get ported over sooner or later. However one thing is for certain, it will be a long time before any of the platformers will allow truly 18+ games. PC market is not doing well already with regular games however platforms have been doing well. These games are still worth a buy because they are at least a 16+ and honestly quite ok for teens to play. We grew up with unrated anyways.


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