AO Rated Games | PS3 | PC | XBOX | Wii-U | Looking for contributors for aorated was started with the aim to help mature audiences and adult gamers find games or review any game for content. There is also the freedom of contributing mods and downloads. Forums was added with that intent. While the site is new and in no way complete I am open to anyone who would like to join and contribute to build a community by contributing to the forum and starting a discussion for your relevant game. I can setup the forum for you as well as the Game(s) you interested in maintaining as a forum category.

The site is more or less complete and ready to accept any changes that we as gamers/modders/contributors would find helpful.

I know this will be a valuable site to all who share the common interest to have fun playing Games the way they like it and find help to do so.


Welcome on board and thank you for joining, double thanks for spreading the word. ! 🙂


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